Till death do us part

Till death do us part

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10 March 2023
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“Not necessarily, because there is no legitimate reason, but it is entirely possible to make him secretly, maybe his food poisoning is their trick, is a warning to him, but he does not know what is good or bad, continue to investigate, this time they will not forgive him so lightly.” “What then?” “What to doent and said, “I’ll go and find him. Don’t get you into trouble.” “Shall I go with you?” “Well,artificial plant wall panels, I’ll go alone.” “Then be careful. It’s so late. When you come back, it will be dark.” Yao Xiaoping suddenly suggested, “I think it’s better to ask Excellence to help you find a car, or what if something happens?” Shi Yan waved his hand again and again: “No, no, Huang Hai said this matter can not let excellence know.” “Why?”? Afraid that excellence will leak the news? Yao Xiaoping was filled with righteous indignation. “This Huang Hai is really confused. He doesn’t distinguish between friends and enemies. He has so many ideas about his friends,fake ficus tree, but he is so naive and credulous about his enemies. He really can’he knew the whereabouts of Huang Hai. He Zhuoyue is really a good man, not only did not tell the whereabouts of the Yellow Sea to the people of the steel plant, but also kindly came to inform you. If he knew that Huang Hai was so defensive against him, he would be angry. Shi Yan quickly washed Huang Hai: “Actually, it’s not Huang Hai who said not to tell Zhuoyue. It’s what I meant. We just got to know Zhuoyue, and we don’t know each other. I’m afraid — anyway, you can’t have the intention to harm people, artificial grass panels ,silk ficus tree, and you can’t have the intention to prevent people –” So now you don’t believe in excellence? Still want to guard against others?Anyway,faux grass wall, ‘streaky pork’ has a reputation for doing that — Huang Hai says: “Your analysis is right, I listen to you, I leave D city immediately.”. So what do you do? You also went to interview’pork belly ‘with me. What if they want to attack you? Why don’t you–leave D city with me? 。