The complete works of Gibran's prose poems

The complete works of Gibran’s prose poems

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10 March 2023
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Jesus, my daughter’s son, was born in Nazareth in January. On the night Jesus was born, several guests from the East came to our house. They passed through Esdraelon with the Midianite caravan to Egypt. They didn’t find a place to stay at the inn, so they came to our house to lodge. I greeted theen. In the morning they took leave of us and continued on their way to Egypt. At parting, they told me,silk cherry blossom tree, “The child is only a day old, but we see the light of God in his eyes and the smile of God on his lips.” “We beseech you to take good care of him, and he will take care of all of you.” Then they got on their camels, and we never saw them again. Mary was filled with wonder and amazement rather than joy at the new birth. She always looked at the child for a long time, then turned her head and stared at the distant sky from the window, as if she had seen something. There is a valley between our hearts. The child’s body and mind are growing up,silk olive tree, he is different from other children, temperament is lonewas faster, he slowed down his pace to let them finish first. Sometimes when I take him to bed, he says, “Tell my mother and others that it is only my body that sleeps, faux ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, and my thoughts are with them until their thoughts come to me in the morning.” He had many strange words in h I looked at him, and my soul trembled with my body,outdoor ficus tree, because he was so handsome. His body is extraordinary, and all parts of his body are so harmonious. I put on my Damascene clothes and left the house to go to him. Is it my loneliness or his fragrance that leads me to him? Is the hunger in my eyes looking for his beauty, or is his beauty looking for my eyes? I still don’t understand this.