Terminal Stamping quotation

Terminal Stamping quotation

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17 January 2023
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Terminal Stamping quotation ZBX New Energy Vehicle Connectors offer professional interconnect solutions for electric vehicle applications, with main products including EV Charging Interface, High voltage connectors, Battery Connectors, High Current Connectors, a variety of circular connectors and bayonet connectors, and so on. More competitive and reasonable FACTORY price with a variety of cable connectors and panel-mounted receptacles to choose from. Advantages of connector for new energy vehicles: There’s a complete range of connectors Used in EV cars of various brands High quality and professional service, high reliability Customer customization meets your business needs Zhongbao New Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of new energy connectors, cables, terminals. The product quality is reliable. Quick delivery, please. Customer drawings can be customized. To visit our company. Main design and production process 1. Intelligent configuration of process parameters 2. Accurate calculation of wire length Features Designed for high voltage applications in electric vehicles. Custom energy vehicle connectors are available, including EV Charging Interface, High Voltage Connectors, Battery Connectors, High Current Connectors, and a variety of circular or bayonet connectors. With protection ratings ranging from IP54 to IP67, it is ideal for outdoor use. Small MOQ (minimum order quantity) to assist you in reducing inventory and avoiding market risks; Accept OEM and ODM orders to meet your specific needs; About us Support customized new energy connector, R & D team, short production cycle, product samples OK, strong production capacity. Effective quality control from raw material suppliers, strict product testing. We hope to become a continuous, stable and reliable cooperative supplier. The main production of electric vehicle supporting products: high and low voltage interconnection interlocking connector (one core, two core, three core), circular multi-core connector, high voltage wire harness, low voltage communication wire harness, charging switch electrical connector, and a variety of specially customized cable components, suitable for new energy vehicles.Terminal Stamping quotation website: