Recommend [ancient saying] the first Hou

Recommend [ancient saying] the first Hou

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10 March 2023
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Longyou Jiedushi and Jiannan Dao, of course, had no responsibility. Li Min pressed their hands and said, “Lord Xiang, please help the Third Master.” Li Fengyao was pressed heavily, and his heart was also heavy. Everyone had to help the third master, just like the big master at that time. Wstand, he was already confused. What a joke! Do you still need to do this when you are a military governor? To be a military governor, of course, you need to do this kind of thing. To be a military governor, you need to do a lot of things. Even if you don’t have to do a lot of things yourself, you have to know and even master everything that others do. Li Fengan is proficient in everything,artificial banyan trees, so he can hold Jiannan Road firmly in his hands, but thSan out and shut him up, although that didn’t solve the problem. Which company’s amount do you want? A voice asked. The voice was old and full of greasy joy, like a shop that had not opened for a long time and finally met a guest. Li Min, like a lost man dying of thirst, artificial coconut palm trees ,outdoor ficus tree, finally saw a pedestrian with a big bucket of cool spring. He plunged into it: “Lin, why did you come out?” Everyone looked at the door, and a thin o The official who had spoken before hesitated to repeat what he had said. Pointing to the basket,large artificial blossom trees, Lin said, “According to the usual practice, the first thing to do is to prepare for war.” Li Min turned up her fingers and rummaged in the basket: “Which one?”? You put it in a mess. Why don’t you put it in order? 。